If you were to talk about your style as a nonfiction filmmaker how would you describe that

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I think probably my style is cinema verite. I learned from the Maysles. But I think, also, it depends on what you're doing, and I think different films require different sensibilities. For this film I did called Wild Man Blues, which was a film about Woody Allen on a jazz tour, that was definitely verite. We tried to make ourselves guerilla filmmakers. We put a wireless mic on Woody and Soon-Yi and let them run.

Woody Allen with Barbara Kopple during Wild Man Blues. Photo credit: Myles Aronowitz/Courtesy Fine Line Features.

But I think some things—like the Mike Tyson film that I did—couldn't be verite because Mike Tyson was in jail. We were able to film in somewhat of a verite style the things around him. But it was much different. So I think it depends on what the content is. I think you should never pigeonhole yourself—it should be the most important thing to allow people to be who they are and to not put a filmmaker's agenda into it.

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