In Charleen were you a character

I wasn't, but you hear my voice from behind the camera, and I state in a title card at the very beginning that Charleen had been my high-school teacher and has since become a friend. So I think the viewer clearly senses that there's a connection between the two of us. In fact, that connection becomes very important as the film goes along. It starts off being a portrait of a very dynamic and interesting and somewhat controversial high-school teacher in Charlotte and really shifts into a much deeper portrait of Charleen's personal lifeā€”her breakup with her boyfriend, the difficulties she's had raising her kids, and the problems she faced being a really individualistic, iconoclastic, highly idiosyncratic woman in a very conservative southern town. That's what this film ends up becoming about. Teaching kind of gets left on the margins even though it's a very important part of her life. I don't think that that film could have been made by someone who Charleen didn't know very well because they never would have gotten in with her.

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