In terms of your editing and shooting when do you know that youve got the end to your story Can you preplan it or is there an epiphany moment in the process of filming

Both. We always plan. In fact, we even set it up. I remember in Fidel we set it up, but the ending became the beginning and the beginning became the ending. And I know that epiphany usually happens not for the ending, but for the moment of truth of the film, that exciting moment, which usually happens about two-thirds, three-fourths into the film. At that point, we grab each other's hand, if I'm not shooting, or look at each other because we know we have a movie now. We do plan for beginnings and endings because we feel this is where we say hello and set premises of what to expect from the film and what is the basic style of the film. And the ending is where we say good-bye, and what you are left with. Endings are difficult. A lot of terrific filmmakers have a hard time ending a film, by making too many endings or just, all of a sudden, boom, turning off the projector. We plan for the endings.

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Film Making

Film Making

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