Part of the challenge in nonfiction filmmaking is you dont have the same schedule that you do in fiction films For instance you dont have a firm finish date Everything is not preplanned for you Is that difficult

When you decide to make a film you make an incredible commitment to it. And, for me, I don't want to leave a stone unturned. I want to do more than is expected and think of all the different things that I could possibly look at to illuminate for an audience what the situation is, or who these characters are, or what's happening. And, you know, it's not forever. You go out there and do it. And when you're out there, you're solely and totally committed to it. Even when you're doing a fiction film, the time you're spending on that, you are totally and utterly committed to that. You're on a deadline. You have to do certain scenes by certain times, and there's no stopping. It's twelve to fifteen hours a day, depending on what the project is, and it's nonstop work. You know, you just wear your sneakers and go.

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