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I think I've done many, many more nonfiction than fiction. But I love fiction, also. Doing Homicide was so much fun. I just adored it. It was so great. [Producer] Tom Fontana is amazing. Such an extraordinary person, and he's such a good person and gives people great opportunities and helps them in so many ways. And I remember he was looking for something for me for a while, and the first [Homicide] I did was called The Documentary, aptly. And before I went, he was telling me all the different ways the actors might respond to me. He said that Andre Braugher might give me a hard time and Yaphet Kotto might give me a hard time. And I was thinking, I'd been machine-gunned with semiautomatic Harveys and I can't think they would give me a hard time but, you know, I'm ready if that's what they want to do. So I went, and what this was, it all took place on New Year's Eve. And, I guess, until the ball drops on New Year's Eve, there aren't any homicides. So I had the entire cast in the squad room. And then, I also went out to film the story that was supposedly the documentary [the film within the episode], and little did I know that I had one of the hardest films you had to do on Homicide because it was huge. I was doing two films in one. But it was an extraordinary experience. Andre Braugher did give me a little bit of a hard time, but it was sort of fun. We were doing a barroom scene and he said, "Barbara, so is this the documentary section?" And I said, "Yeah, of course it is." And he said, "So we don't have to do many takes on it?" And I said, "Yes, we do. A good documentarian stays until she gets everything." And so he laughed. I just loved them. They were all so great and supportive, and we had so much fun. We'd go to Baltimore, and you're away from home, so your whole existence is doing nothing but Homicide. So it's just one of the great experiences.

And then I also did Oz with Tom Fontana, and I just loved that. It was extraordinary. It's wonderful. It's so gritty and so incredible, and it was great working with all those men, as well as Edie Falco and others.

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