Youve had success with films with reenactments before

But, this time we did much more with acting and with little scenarios, whereas before, we did a lot with metaphor and what we call emotional equivalents. We would call these little things we do emotional equivalents because they are not exactly what you're hearing, but are a metaphor or an illustration for what's being said—the emotional thing that's being said. Like, in Dialogues, when the woman runs down the hill with the baby in her arms, what I was saying was that when I was depressed I was afraid to go to sleep at night for fear that the baby would die, and so I slept with the car keys under my pillow. You're not going to put somebody trying to start a car, but a woman running through the night is the emotional equivalent of what's being said. And so I think those are much more acceptable than where you actually are trying to do an entire scene.

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