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Hell Really Exists

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Finally we will look at the opening of "Anatomy of Hell." "Anatomy of Hell" follows four nights of a sexual encounter between a woman (Amira Casar) and a homosexual (Rocco Siffredi). The end of the scene acknowledges the possibility of sexual intercourse between this man and woman, but their exchange of true feelings occurs in the opening. The woman is at a club. She is alone and seems unhappy in the midst of the sensual noise and dancing. She goes to the bathroom, where she slices her wrists. The homosexual enters and intervenes. He takes her to a doctor, who bandages her arms. She offers a kind of payback by performing fellatio upon him. The fact that he could be aroused encourages her to make her four-night proposal. This scene has violence and feeling. The four nights that follow show the woman objectified, naked and passionless, and raises the question of whether a homosexual can choose to become heterosexual. The ending leaves itself open to numerous interpretations.

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