The Second Awakening of Christa Klages

In "The Second Awakening of Christa Klages," Christa (Tina Engel), a childcare worker, robs a bank. Acting with two male accomplices, she takes a bank employee hostage (Katharina Thalbach) and holds the woman while the men take the money. The hostage, Lena, becomes more important in the story as she begins to obsess about Christa. One of the robbers, Wolfgang (Friedrich Kaiser), is quickly captured by the police while Christa and the other robber, Werner (Marius Muller-Westernhagen), escape by train. They begin a journey to find a friend who can launder the money so they can turn it over to the daycare center so they can continue to care for the children. First, they visit Hans (Peter Schneider), a pastor. Hans refuses to launder the money, although he is quite taken with Christa. They visit Ingrid (Silvia Reize), a school friend. Ingrid is willing to help, but the daycare center will not take the money. In the meantime, Lena has begun looking for Christa and will do 265 so throughout the film.

When Werner is killed by the police, Hans helps Christa leave the country using Ingrid's passport. Ingrid joins her in Portugal. The townspeople who are conservative interpret their close relationship as a lesbian relationship and consequently turn against them. Returning to Germany, Christa is picked up by the police, and Lena is brought in to identify her as the female bank robber. She denies Christa was the robber and the film ends. Christa is free. The excerpts we will focus on are the scenes of Christa with Lena in the bank and, at the end, Christa with Ingrid and Christa with her daughter. What characterizes all of these scenes is the closeness of the females, one with the other. It is a man's world, and, whether it is Werner or Ingrid's husband, men are more selfish and in the end they support one another rather than their female lover or partner. It is the women who help one another. That was the motivation for Christa to rob a bank. Daycare is an issue for women. Men care about cars, money, and having sex. They are not very generous to women. Although Hans is kind, his interest in Christa seems to be sexual, and he is the most principled of the men in this film!

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