Gordon Howard: Here we are. Have you seen the paper, Bill, today?

Billy Howard: Aye, I've been reading it.

Long shot of the exterior of dilapidated house.

Exterior of town hall.

Close-up of Gordon.

Title: Whose House Is It Anyway?

Gordon: Look at his face. He's made it, and we sit here, and we can't make a cracker.

Narrator: "Where there is no property, there is no injustice," wrote a philosopher three hundred years ago. Owning this house has led the Howard brothers to the brink of eviction. This week they wait notice of arrival of the council's bailiffs.

Gordon: I'm not frightened of bailiffs coming. I'm not frightened of anyone coming. Why should I be frightened in my own home? A man's got to stand up and fight for his home. That's an English man's way. What they're doing, they're doing a Nazi way, a Hitler way.

Ian Wood: The Howard brothers, like the majority of the nation, think that an Englishman's home is his castle. It isn't, I'm afraid. It's his castle, but if the council wants it or the government department wants it, then it's their castle.

In 1980, Robert Kee, a well-known English journalist, appeared in and wrote the commentary for the BBC series Ireland: A Television History. The fourth film in the series deals with the great potato famine of nineteenth-century Ireland. The opening is quiet and understated, yet the power of the words and the significance of the events that led to the great Irish migration to the United States make the opening moving and effective.

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