Narrator: Hugh Feast became one of Bob's closest friends. Like Bob, he came from London and was the same age, just twenty. In November 1941, they were posted to RAF Shawbury to learn advanced navigation and night flying. Most RAF stations employed WAAFS (young women serving in the air force) in technical and ground jobs, and, not surprisingly, romances blossomed. Hughie Feast was the first to be bowled over, something his friends treated with schoolboy glee.

Derek Cadman, Alf Kitchen, Bob, and Bob Wells.

The four split. Bob goes to the bathroom.

Close-up of hands locking door.

Medium shot of Hughie shaving. Bob peers at him from door. Lads run into dormitory, followed by Bob. Alf at table. Bob goes and lies on bed.

Hughie brushing hair. Wipes face and exits.

Hughie leaves bathroom, walks to dormitory door and finds it locked.

Bob: Now what's Mr. Feast dolled up for?

Alf: He's meeting his WAAF. Bob: Again?

Bob Wells: This is the third time this week. It's serious stuff, isn't it?

Alf: Let's lock his door.

Bob (voice-over): Dear Joan,

Hughie Feast is going out with a WAAF from the station sick quarters. I believe he is taking her seriously, as when we first chipped him about it he took it with equanimity, but now he loses the wool and gets chipped even more. Tubby's asking Bravington's to send a catalogue of engagement rings to Hughie's home address to give his parents a shock—just innocent fun.

Last night Hughie had to meet his WAAF at 6:45. He went into the bathroom clad only in his trousers, and Tubby locked the door of his room, so that he He walks back into the couldn't get the rest of his main dormitory, puzzled. clothes.

The scene ends with the friends ribbing Hughie, holding up the room key, and exclaiming, "Oh, this key, the key to your heart. Ah, that one."

As the film proceeds, various people are interviewed about their memories of Bob and how they met him. The interview with Bea Couldrey demonstrates how such interviews are integrated into the film.

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