The object of veneration in suburban avenues on Sunday morning.

An indispensable utility for all but the poorest. An object of affection—a member of the family. The good car—cherished and loved by all.

This religion has its priestesses and handmaidens. It also has its golden idols, which require a daily offering of human sacrifices.

The objects of veneration are set up for adoration and worship on pinnacles and high places.

One of the most amusing scenes in the film is called "The Car as a Home from Home." The section targets the massive traffic jams seen with increasing frequency around London's suburbs. To make his point about our growing inability to deal with traffic congestion, Hood imagines a scenario in which the traffic jam becomes absolute and people grow accustomed to living in their cars for weeks on end. The scene was staged in Slough, a medium-sized town near Windsor Castle (the text is given below). The visual side is only suggested in outline, but it is not very difficult to imagine.

Film Making

Film Making

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