The Discussion and the Agenda

The response to your initial suggestion has been favorable. The doctor, the sponsor, the station, or the agency is intrigued. They are willing to explore further, though they have told you they are far from committed. They want to meet and, depending on the discussion, will decide whether they want to pursue the matter. The following topics are likely to be on the meeting's agenda: the subject matter and purpose of the film; its intended audience; its approach; and its limitations, such as budget and timing. Knowing that these topics will come up, you have to prepare so that you will have the answers at hand when a problem is raised. You will also know what issues to raise with the sponsor so that there will be no misunderstandings once you start to work seriously on the film.

Film Making

Film Making

If you have ever wanted the secrets to making your own film, here it is: Indy Film Insider Tips And Basics To Film Making. Have you ever wanted to make your own film? Is there a story you want to tell? You might even think that this is impossible. Studios make films, not the little guy. This is probably what you tell yourself. Do you watch films with more than a casual eye? You probably want to know how they were able to get perfect lighting in your favorite scene, or how to write a professional screenplay.

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