Very slow montage of war and victims, death camps and corpses.

Eichmann Prison Memoirs

I have seen hell, and death, and the devil, and the senselessness of destruction.

I have seen the horrors of the operation of the machinery of death, and I have seen those who supervised the work and its execution.

It was the greatest and most terrible dance of death of all times.

Gradually super photo of Eichmann in his prison cell,

Narrator: So spoke Adolf Eichmann—SS officer, war criminal, and one of the major figures responsible for the murder of nearly six million Jews in the Second World War.

Who was this man?

Title over Eichmann writing in his prison cell: Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs.

Here I reckoned that the words hell, destruction, and the terrible dance of death would intrigue an audience who was immediately told that this man was a central character in the celebrations of the devil. We were in, and we were in fast.

If you were doing a film based on Rommel, the German tank commander of World War II, you might open as follows:

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