Teflon Coat Comes in All Sizes

Anyone who's been in this business for a while or any "how to make it" book you pick up will tell you that if you're going to work in this industry, you've got to develop a thick skin. Linda Buzzell (author of How To Make It In Hollywood) calls it "rhino skin." For the sake of being different, I'll call it a Teflon coat. It's guaranteed to keep anything negative from sticking.

As exciting and fun and rewarding as this line of work can be, none of us is immune to some measure of rejection, disappointment, ill-tempered personalities, sure-thing deals and jobs that fail to materialize or any combination of such. To survive these assaults, you cannot take it personally! Ever! It's part of the business, part of the so-called game, plain and simple. It happens every day, and as discouraged as you may feel at times and as much as you'd occasionally prefer to just climb into bed and barricade yourself under the covers for weeks on end, if you let each setback chip away at your spirit and determination, you'll eventually crash and burn. If you can't pick yourself up (in a reasonably short amount of time), dust yourself off and move on to the next possibility, you might as well go out right now and find yourself a nice, secure nine-to-five job at a bank where you'll always know what to expect. If you're going to stay in the game and stick it out, be sure to get yourself a Teflon coat to help repel any of the bad stuff that comes your way.

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