Basic Job Responsibilities

When you start in an entry-level position, whether it's in a mail-room, at an agency desk, a studio, post production facility, production office, casting office, network or any other industry-related company, the following are some of the tasks you will most likely be asked to do:

• Answer phones and keep a phone log.

• Place phone calls for your supervisor (this is often called "rolling calls," because the assistant is expected to start lining up the next call as his boss is winding down the previous call). (Knowing how to use Filemaker Pro would be helpful for this as most phone sheets and call logs are done this way.)

• Set up appointments and screenings, make lunch reservations and travel arrangements—and sometimes, remake them and remake them again and then remake them once again. (Knowing how to use scheduling systems such as Outlook, Lotus and Now Up-To-Date would be very beneficial for this.)

• Help with your boss' electronics, such as programming cell phones and synching up and charging PDAs, two-way radios and Blackberries.

• Type and distribute letters and memos. (You should be proficient in Microsoft Word.)

• Distribute incoming mail and paperwork (scripts, schedules, memos, budgets, videotapes, CDs, etc.) and vital information.

• Handle incoming and outgoing mail.

• Do research (credits, bios, resumes, stock footage, etc.).

• Oversee shipping and receiving (by keeping logs, distributing incoming packages, preparing waybills, etc.)

• Oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the office machines (copier, fax, computers, printers, etc.).

• Run errands (deliver scripts, make airport runs, pick up supplies, etc.).

• Photocopy (scripts, schedules, call sheets, production reports, etc.).

• Duplicate videotapes and burn CDs.

• Move furniture and equipment.

• Take lunch orders and fetch food.

• Shop for food and snacks (for the office, for meetings and for your boss).

• Prepare the conference room for meetings.

• Keep a well-stocked kitchen area.

• Clean the office kitchen and wash coffee mugs.

• Order office supplies.

• Carry equipment and supplies.

• Help staff members unload their cars.

• Personal chores: these duties could range from shopping for others in the office who are too busy to get out themselves to washing your boss' car, walking his dog or running his errands (bank, cleaners, lunch, tennis racquet repair, gas station, dog groomers, etc.).

If you're working as a PA on a set, you might be asked to do anything from the above list, or any one of the following:

• Guard the set's perimeter.

• Wrangle extras and/or children.

• Inform actors they're needed on set.

• Pick up an actor, producer or director and drive him or her to the set each day (and then back at the end of their work day).

• If allowed, pitch in to help the crew when necessary.

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