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It doesn't quite seem fair that while most of us endeavor to be hard-working, polite, tolerant, honorable, reliable and pleasant, others are allowed to exhibit the worst behavior imaginable. But unfortunately, that's the way the show biz cookie crumbles. If you have a proven track record of successes, a creative brilliance that's always in demand, a certain status or the ability to generate mega bucks or mega ratings, you pretty much get a free pass when it comes to conduct. I'm not suggesting that all power players are nasty, sleazy, back-stabbing, abusive, ego-driven, intimidating game-players. In fact, some are the best people you'll ever meet. I just want to point out that it's okay for some to act that way should they choose to while it's not okay for others. For most of us, to get ahead, we need to be well liked and have a fairly good reputation. And just so you know (if this makes you feel any better), should "they" ever start slipping from on high, their inappropriate behavior will no longer be tolerated either.

Forgive the redundancy, but all these elements are interrelated, and those who are the most well liked and have the best reputations are generally those who stand out among the crowd, possess a great deal of passion and have adopted a winning attitude. It's also about earning the respect of others by doing a good job, no matter what your job is; by being a team player; by helping others without expecting favors in return; and by being able to work with all types of personalities under all sorts of circumstances.

No one's got the patience for bad attitudes and bad manners or wants to work with or deal with anyone who's high maintenance unless they absolutely have no other choice. So the easier you are to work with, the more pleasant you are to have around and the better you are at your job, the more in demand you will be.

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