Having What It Takes

To succeed in this business, being smart, talented, creative and/or skilled in a particular craft (or two, or three) is not enough. You have to be special, to stand out, to be willing to sell yourself over and over again, to have the right attitude, temperament and personality; to be willing to play the game and relentlessly do what it takes—not only to succeed, but to simply hang in there and survive.

Wanting "it" badly enough, truly believing it's going to happen, imagining yourself in the job of your dreams and counting on the power of positive thinking will help, but it's not nearly enough to get you there. You'll need to develop a thick skin, some major chutzpah and be ready to kick major butt. Only the most motivated, determined, assertive, ambitious, ballsy and tenacious need apply. You'll want to develop strong industry relationships, know how the business works, know how to get your foot in doors and how to get your name out there. You can't be lazy or complacent and you must daringly venture far from the security of your comfort zone. You have to possess an abundance of passion, drive, enthusiasm, perseverance, patience, energy and confidence. You have to want it so badly, you can taste it. You have to love this business soooooo much, you can't for one nanosecond imagine yourself doing anything else.

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