Humor Is Still the Best Medicine

"You cannot be mad at somebody who makes you laugh—it's as simple as that."—Jay Leno

I know I've mentioned this several times before, but I can't emphasize it enough. A healthy sense of humor will serve you well throughout your entire career. Next to owning a Teflon coat, it's one of the most valuable survival tools you'll ever possess, in this business—or any other.

We work too hard, face way too much competition and far too many challenges not to be able to have fun along the way and to laugh at what we're going through. It's the perfect remedy for lifting your spirits when your confidence is on the decline. It'll help you through the difficult projects and the unemployment in between jobs. It'll ease the frustration and heal the disappointment. It'll supply the boost you so desperately need when working with spoiled, ill-tempered individuals or bring you some relief when working on a God-forsaken, remote location in the middle of nowhere. A sense of humor is also a great gift to offer your friends and co-workers when they need a boost. And as we continue to jump through hoop after sequential hoop, it's comforting to be able to laugh at the absurdities we must endure just to stay in the game.

Humor will create a stronger bond between you and your co-workers, and if you're the one dispensing it, you'll be someone others will naturally be drawn to. Besides, there is nothing like interjecting a bit of fun into a long, hard day to alleviate the stress. When the shows we work on are over, the lasting memories we walk away with are linked to the work itself and to the camaraderie and good times we've shared with our co-workers.

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