It Only Takes

"Everyone told me to pass on Speed because it was a 'bus movie.'" —Sandra Bullock

I'm sure you've heard stories about certain projects being "out there" for five or ten years before being made, and I've no doubt they're all true. If you're convinced you have a great project and it needs to be made, then don't give up. Don't take "no" for an answer. Sometimes the good ones end up getting buried on a dusty shelf somewhere just because the writer or producer gave up after the third or fifth pass. They didn't keep going. Every time someone passes on your project, it just means you haven't gotten it to the right person yet. It's just going to take one person (the right one) who's going to love your project as much as you do and be in a position to say "Yes—we'll buy that!" or "Yes—we'll be happy to finance your script!" Be patient and persistent, and keep pitching!

Teaching others how to effectively pitch is big business. Numerous books, audio tapes, courses and seminars are available on the topic. Research Samuel French Bookstore,, Script and Creative Screenwriting magazines and The Writers Store (all accessible on the web) along with a multitude of other resourceful websites.

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