Line Producer

A Line Producer is also referred to as the "nuts and bolts" guy (or gal), the producer's right-hand person and the budgeting-scheduling expert who supervises all administrative, financial and technical details of the production—a distinct challenge, no matter what the show's budget or genre. This individual is responsible for all the day-to-day matters that go into keeping the show running smoothly, while striving to make sure it remains on schedule and on budget. The line producer functions as liaison between the crew and the producer and is also answerable to the studio exec (or completion bond company rep) assigned to the show. He has to have keen people and negotiating skills and be proficient at putting the right team together, putting out fires, making decisions on a dime and walking a tightrope while balancing the director's vision, budgetary considerations, the studio's concerns, union and guild regulations, the cast and crew's needs, comfort and temperament, the weather, the right locations and countless other details. Whether it's changing and re-changing the schedule to accommodate an actor's other commitments, finding ways to keep a tired crew's morale up, figuring out how to fill a stadium with people when you can't afford to pay for that many extras, knowing how to make one location look like several, or attempting to reduce the budget so the picture can be shot locally instead of having to take it to another country—it's an extremely pivotal position. And while the duties of a line producer are rarely as ambiguous as are other producing categories, the exact screen credit a line producer receives can occasionally be confusing, especially with the recent trend of giving line producers executive producer credit.

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