Production Coordinator

The production coordinator sets up and runs the production office; hires and supervises the APOC and other office personnel; inter faces with each department head and assists them with all their needs; helps the UPM by checking availabilities and assembling the crew; obtains bids on equipment and services; places orders for film, equipment and special services; handles all distant and foreign location travel, accommodations, shipping, customs and immigration matters; makes sure all paperwork and information is generated and disseminated in a timely manner; liaisons with the set, the studio, the vendors, film commissions, agents, casting, etc.; handles all production-related insurance matters; oversees the "taking care of" the cast, making sure their perks are arranged for and ready on time; coordinates the screening of dailies; and prepares SAG contracts for day players, stunt players and anyone else whose contract isn't generated by the project attorney or casting office. The coordinator definitely has to be someone who enjoys multitasking, is super organized, detail oriented, patient, diplomatic, can anticipate the next step and be prepared, is good at problem-solving and has the ability to pack up his life and office on a moment's notice and move to the next location. It's a tough and often thankless job, but it can also be rewarding. Having done it for years, I always enjoyed putting all the little details together and watching everything come together. I loved taking care of "my" crews, being challenged, having to learn new things with each new project, negotiating good deals, constantly being exposed to new people and new experiences and feeling a great sense of pride from knowing how good I was at my job.

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