The Good News First

• This business is a world unto itself filled with talented, creative, smart, fascinating, passionate, inspiring people, ideas and projects. There's no pill you can take or elixir you can drink that can create the feeling of exhilaration that comes with becoming an accepted and contributing member of this universe.

• On the very first job I had, I immediately noticed that film and TV crews are a close-knit group. It didn't seem to matter what you did nor what your race, religion, sexual orientation or personal style was—everyone was accepted into this pseudo-family unit. It was pretty cool. I had never been in such a nonjudgmental, classless environment before. And now, after years of having worked in many other industry environments, I can't say they've all been quite as harmonious, but many are, and it's still cool.

• Making a movie or TV show can be exciting. There is something uniquely magical about finding the right script, making the deals and putting all the people, locations, sets, equipment and details together and watching a show come together. Whether your contribution is creative or more in the form of logistics and problem-solving, you're part of an enormous undertaking; and it's gratifying to know your efforts helped to make it happen.

• Each show or project is the beginning of a new adventure that brings with it new challenges, new experiences and new skills.

• If you're a people person, this is the ultimate people business.

• Each show or project will give you access to new contacts, new friends and future opportunities.

• Your work will rarely be boring, and you'll never be able to complain about it being the same day-in, day-out routine.

• You'll have opportunities to travel and work with people from all over the country, and often, all over the world.

• If you become a member of a union or guild, you'll be eligible for excellent health and pension benefits.

• If you work on a fairly regular basis, once you move beyond entry-level status, you should make a good (if not very comfortable) salary

• If you're a team player, there's no better team to be on than a film crew.

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