The No Ones EverGoingToHireMeAgain Syndrome

For those of us who freelance, we're always relieved when the current project we're on has wrapped, because by then, we're drained physically and emotionally. But once you rest up and catch up on all the personal things you didn't have time to do while on the show, panic generally starts setting in if you don't have another project lined up within a month or two. Or maybe you worked on a show, you know you did a good job, but the producer isn't hiring you back again on his next picture (even though he said he would). Or maybe you've gotten laid off, and you start going on the interview circuit, but nothing seems to click. Or you've had a great interview or reading, and you were sure you had the job or part, but they pick someone else instead. Or someone calls to ask if you're available (and interested) in working on a particular project, you say "of course," and then you never hear back from that person. Or none of your leads are panning out. It's times like these when you're going to instinctively think, "Oh my God! No one's ever going to hire me again!" It's a very common feeling, so universally so that an old friend of my husband Ron's once told him that one of my idols, Henry Fonda, when he wasn't under a studio contract, used to go through this. Can you imagine Henry Fonda thinking that no one would ever cast him in another film? I saw an interview with Dustin Hoffman recently, and he confessed to experiencing the same doubts when in between projects.

Some people go into panic mode if they don't have something else lined up before finishing their current job, and others enjoy their time off in between projects and don't really worry about what's next for at least a few months. I don't go into meltdown anymore when I don't know when my next job will turn up, because I've been through this too many times before, and I know that something will eventually turn up. It may be when I'm least expecting it, and sometimes it's just in the nick of time, but something always materializes.

So when you're feeling as if you'll never work again, wondering why you're not being rehired or can't find a job—take a step back, take a deep breath and remember Henry Fonda. Everyone goes through this! Insecurity is inherent to the industry, but you can't let it stop you—not for one minute. If you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing, your job will materialize.

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