Theres More Than One Kind

I bet you didn't know there are different types of meetings as they relate to interviews. There's the standard "it's-the-same-in-every-business" interview for a specific job opening, which you may have already experienced, and then there are the following three types (which are explained in greater detail within this chapter).

My favorite is the general information meeting. This is a meeting you ask for. It could last five minutes or an hour, depending on the circumstances. Its purpose is for you to introduce yourself to someone you admire, someone who's doing the type of work you aspire to, someone with a great deal of knowledge about a facet of the industry you're interested in and/or someone you might want to work for some day. Your goal is to learn, gain some insight and hopefully make a connection.

Then there's a pitch meeting, which is a meeting at which you pitch (attempt to sell) a script, packaged project or a concept. See Chapter 14 for much more information on pitching.

Lastly, there's the door-to-door approach. This is not a formally scheduled interview, but when it works, it's a great way to get to people you want to meet.

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