You Never Know Where Its Going to Come From

You never know where a recommendation is going to emanate from, because:

• the person sitting next to you in a film class today could be directing his own movie within the year and in a position to offer you a great job.

• a production accountant you worked with three shows ago could be in a position to recommend you for a fabulous film.

• the assistant you're calling to set up an appointment with her boss could have her boss' position within six months' time.

• the PA you're working with could sell his own project and be producing his own movie the next time you see him.

• the casting director's assistant could be your biggest fan and in a position to book you on a sizable feature show once she starts her own casting agency.

You can never underestimate how quickly some careers will take off or how easily someone who likes you (or your work) can help your career. I've been recommended by and have received the help of people from whom I've least expected it, so respect others and do your best to impress, always and in everything you do.

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