Europe HollywoodEurope

Two Decades in Another Country: Hollywood and the Cinephiles [1975] 233

Raoul Ruiz's Hypothèse du Tableau Volé [1984] 251

Images for Sale: The "New" British Cinema [1984] 255

"If You Want a Life": The Marathon Man [2003] 270

British Television in the 1980s Through The Looking Glass [1990] 278

German Cinema Face to Face with Hollywood: Looking into a Two-Way

Mirror [2003] 299

Central Europe Looking West

Of Rats and Revolution: Dusan Makavejev's The Switchboard

Operator [1968] 321

Defining DEFA's Historical Imaginary: The Films of Konrad Wolf [2001] 325

Under Western Eyes: What Does Zizek Want? [1995] 342

Our Balkanist Gaze: About Memory's No Man's Land [2003] 356

Europe Haunted by History and Empire

Is History an Old Movie? [1986] 373

Edgar Reitz' Heimat: Memory, Home and Hollywood [1985] 384

Discourse and History: One Man's War - An Interview with

Edgardo Cozarinsky [1984] 395

Rendezvous with the French Revolution: Ettore Scola's

That Night in Varennes [1989] 407

Joseph Losey's The Go-Between [1972] 412

Games of Love and Death: Peter Greenaway and Other Englishmen [1988] 420

Border-Crossings: Filmmaking without a Passport

Peter Wollen's Friendship's Death [1987] 433

Andy Engel's Melancholia [1989] 436

On the High Seas: Edgardo Cozarinsky's Dutch Adventure [1983] 440

Third Cinema/World Cinema: An Interview with

Ruy Guerra [1972] 444

Ruy Guerra's Erendira [1986] 461

Hyper-, Retro- or Counter-: European Cinema as Third Cinema Between

Hollywood and Art Cinema [1992] 464


European Cinema as World Cinema: A New Beginning? [2005] 485

European Cinema: A Brief Bibliography List of Sources and Places of First Publication


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