Dynamic Relationships

For Alicia, Devlin is still the knight in shining armor: the man she has stopped drinking for; the man she will change her life for; the man who has rescued her from a meaningless existence. For Devlin, Alicia has returned to an earlier incarnation: temptress, or as Alicia herself suggests in the scene, Mata Hari — a woman who can hurt him if he lets her get too close, if he lets his guard down. He suggests as much to Alicia earlier in the film in response to her asking, "Are you afraid of falling in love with me?" Devlin's response: "It wouldn't be hard."

(Part of the following takes place in the kitchen and living room, and technically they would be labeled as separate scenes, but I am including them as part of the patio location because they are spatially and temporally continuous. The director must regard them as a dramatic whole in order to integrate them seamlessly into an overall dramatic arc that contains a beginning, middle, and end — one of the defining characteristics of a dramatic scene.)

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