Shot E-26, from camera setup #6a-b. Contains fulcrum of the scene.

emphasizing her movement toward Devlin. The four narrative beats contained in the shot are articulated through staging, as is the fulcrum: Alicia CHALLENGES (stands), Devlin FENDS OFF (lights cigarette), Alicia BACKS OFF (stops advance, turns sideways), then OFFERS HERSELF (faces Devlin). Now that Hitchcock has cleaned our palette with this extended take, he goes back to separation to articulate the last two narrative beats of this dramatic block: shot E-27 from camera setup #9 (Figure 6-20) and shot E-28 from camera setup #10 (Figure 6-21).

This close-up of Devlin (Figure 6-21) is the end of the fourth dramatic block. There is connecting tissue between blocks, articulated through staging by Alicia turning from Devlin, CONCEDING DEFEAT, in a new camera setup, #11, E-29 (Figure 6-22).

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