Fourth Dramatic Block And Fulcrum

Hitchcock announces the fourth dramatic block (Figure 6-18) by cutting from Devlin's close-up to the medium two-shot, the same shot that prefaced the separation "phrase" — in effect bookending the extended separation. The shot — E-26, camera setup #6a (Figure 6-19) — "releases" us from the intensity of the separation phrasing and prepares us for something new to happen.

At this point, the fulcrum, the scene could go either way for Alicia. A question is raised in the audience's mind. She could accept Devlin's last words and let it kill her want, but because her want is so strong and all-embracing she cannot give it up without a fight. Alicia still has hope that she can win Devlin's heart; to make everything like it was a few hours ago. She goes on the offensive and CHALLENGES Devlin. Hitchcock articulates the apex of the fulcrum by having Alicia stand, changing the direction the scene was headed. As she walks toward Devlin, a possibility is raised, along with a question: Will Alicia attain her want?

When Alicia stands TO CHALLENGE Devlin, the camera tilts up with her, and tracks in with her to a tighter two-shot as she approaches Devlin, TO PURSUE (HER LOVE).

The ability of the camera to move has been introduced in the very first shot of the film. The camera movement in shot E-26 emphasizes Alicia's intent by

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