Fourth Dramatic Block

There is a huge dramatic arc in this block (Figure 4-4) and Hitchcock articulates many of the narrative beats through staging. Devlin is still hanging tough, and it looks as if Alicia will not obtain her want: intimacy with Devlin. But she does not give up! This is the key to all drama. Alicia's want is great. She will not be defeated without a fight. She stands and CHALLENGES Devlin, "how dare you gentlemen suggest." This is the apex of the fulcrum of this scene. Here, Alicia goes on the offensive to win Devlin over. She PURSUES him, and her internal action is made physical by her movement toward him, only to have him FEND [HER] OFF. Alicia BACKS OFF, articulated in the staging by her turning sideways from him. But Alicia has not yet given up. She attempts one last desperate action, TO IMPLORE, and this action too is made physical by Alicia once again facing toward Devlin with her body. When he CUTS [HER] OFF, she realizes she has lost, and turns from Devlin, CONCEDING DEFEAT. (You could get a clear idea of the overall arc of this scene by watching the actors move through it without dialogue. We could even go a step further and put masks over the actors' faces. We would still have a pretty good idea

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