Second Act

• (Approximately two minutes and twenty seconds.) The second act starts with Saraghina's close-up, and her exclamation, "It's not fair!" This rising action is underscored by the music. (Usually the rising action is by the protagonist, but "usually" does not mean always. These paradigms are not written in stone, and each creative artist has the license to bend them, and occasionally to ignore them altogether. The only reason they exist is to aid in telling a story more interestingly so that the audience will be continually engaged. In the present scene, the rising action happens to be initiated by someone other than the protagonist, but it serves the same function: dramatic escalation. We should also keep in mind that the protagonist and antagonist are one and the same here. It is Guido who is generating the story.)

• Guido does meet the challenge of the rising action against him and succeeds in defeating it.

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