Our protagonist, Counterman, wants to see Female Cop outside the restaurant.

Customer, our antagonist, wants to begin living the life of a man who will not be pushed around — the life of a man who gets what he wants. He may not really want a piece of apple pie, and in fact may not even be hungry.

Female Cop wants her fix of apple pie.

Even though wants are most likely contained in the circumstance, it is necessary to ferret them out and make them clear for each scene. (This entire film is basically one scene.) But even in this scene, both Counterman and Customer must change their initial wants. Customer must give up the idea of beginning his new life, on this night, in this diner, in order not to eat something that would be harmful to his life, even though it is a life he can no longer stand. Counterman must save his life by giving up the key to his beloved's heart (the pie), but once the immediate danger is over (the gun) the original want is resurrected.

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