Working With The Crew

It is a good idea in the training of a director that they become conversant with the different craft disciplines. It is not necessary that the director become proficient in these disciplines, although that certainly does not hurt. It is more important that the director have a clear visualization of what she wants and the ability to convey that to others. Much of what the director wants from the various craft disciplines will be conveyed by the AD. And the same clarity that is essential in directing actors is needed in directing a crew. The director must state clearly the dramatic or atmospheric function of the color of a room, of the props, costumes, hairstyles, and makeup. Then it is important for the director to let the craft people do their jobs, and to count on them doing those jobs well. But as stated earlier, the director must assume responsibility for the final decision. Everything that goes into making a film should pass through the prism of the director's vision.

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Film Making

Film Making

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