The broadest generation of ideas develops from the musical decisions of the filmmaker. The mixture of "Home on the Range" and the music of Edward William Elgar in Humphrey Jennings's Listen to Britain (1942) suggests that patriotism and culture are a potent mix that suggests national strength. If Jennings had selected only the music of the upper class or of the lower classes, that sense of unity and strength would not have resulted, and the purpose of the film—it was a propaganda piece for British and North American consumption—would have been compromised. Similarly, Benjamin Britten's elevated score in Night Mail (1936) suggests the poetic and epic importance of the railway's delivery of the mail.

In the fiction film, one of the most interesting uses of music can be found in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). In this futuristic story, a society is consumed by violence perpetrated principally by the younger generation. Kubrick often used music to suggest the regimented character of the violence, but when he selected "Singin' in the Rain," the title song from one of Hollywood's greatest musicals, he chose music that most audiences associate with joy and pleasure. When first introduced in the film, the song is sung by Alex (Malcolm McDowell) as he attacks the male owner of a home he and his friends have invaded and as he rapes the man's wife. The song could hardly be used more ironically. In this scene, the music creates so much dissonance with the visual that the visual seems much more horrific.

Film Making

Film Making

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