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Inside Popular Film

General editors Mark Jancovich and Eric Schaefer

Inside Popular Film is a forum for writers who are working to develop new ways of analysing popular film. Each book offers a critical introduction to existing debates while also exploring new approaches. In general, the books give historically informed accounts of popular film, which present this area as altogether more complex than is commonly suggested by established film theories.

Developments over the past decade have led to a broader understanding of film, which moves beyond the traditional oppositions between high and low culture, popular and avant-garde. The analysis of film has also moved beyond a concentration on the textual forms of films, to include an analysis of both the social situations within which films are consumed by audiences, and the relationship between film and other popular forms. The series therefore addresses issues such as the complex intertextual systems that link film, literature, art and music, as well as the production and consumption of film through a variety of hybrid media, including video, cable and satellite.

The authors take interdisciplinary approaches, which bring together a variety of theoretical and critical debates that have developed in film, media and cultural studies. They neither embrace nor condemn popular film, but explore specific forms and genres within the contexts of their production and consumption.

Already published:

Thomas Austin Hollywood, hype and audiences

Harry M. Benshoff Monsters in the closet: homosexuality and the horror film Julia Hallam and Margaret Marshment Realism and popular cinema Joanne Hollows and Mark Jancovich (eds) Approaches to popular film Nicole Matthews Gender in Hollywood: comedy after the new right Rachel Moseley Growing up with Audrey Hepburn

Jacinda Read The new avengers: feminism, femininity and the rape-revenge cycle Aylish Wood Technoscience in contemporary film: beyond science fiction

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