8.1 Should any dispute arise between any two or more of the Parties or between any of the Parties and FCAM, the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in [London] under the Rules then in force for International Arbitration of the American Film Marketing Association subject to the provisions of this Clause 8.

8.2 FCAM shall provide the Parties with a written notice summarizing the dispute and the relevant Parties shall within ten (10) Business Days after such notification mutually appoint at their own expense an AFMA approved arbitrator. If the Parties fail to agree upon the appointment of an arbitrator within such period, the Arbitral Agent of AFMA will then appoint an arbitrator as soon as possible after such application. The Parties shall provide the arbitrator with all relevant information and documentation within thirty (30) days of the appointment and the arbitration shall commence at a location in [London] as expeditiously as possible and in any event within thirty (30) business days after the appointment of the arbitrator.

8.3 Forthwith after a decision by the arbitrator, the Parties shall forthwith comply with that decision in accordance with the terms thereof.

8.4 All costs, charges and expenses incurred by FCAM in relation to the resolution of the dispute, inclusive of time spent by FCAM executives at a reasonably hourly rate, shall be deemed FCAM Expenses, provided that if FCAM itself is a party to the arbitration proceedings, the payment of any costs incurred by FCAM shall be subject to any award of costs made by the arbitrator.

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