Foreword ix

About the Author xi

List of Contributors xiii

Acknowledgements xv

A Note From the Author xvii

Introduction xix

1 Underlying Rights 1

Financing Intellectual Property Rights 1

The Chain of Title Opinion 6

Sample Chain of Title Opinion Letter 8

Sample Chain of Title Documents 11

Certificate of Authorship 12

Short Form Option Agreement 13

Short Form Assignment Agreement 14

Quit Claim and Notice of Ownership of 16 Copyright and Other Rights

2 Co-productions (Alan Harris) 20

Introduction 20

Official Co-production Treaties 20

European Convention 21

Co-production Agreement 23

3 Banking the Deal (Rob Sherr) 45

Introduction 45

Getting to the Term Sheet 45

From Term Sheet to Cash Flow Forecast 47

From Cash Flow Forecast to Commitment 50

Closing Time 52

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