Registration of the Film

Each Co-producer shall register the Film and all relevant contracts with the relevant national authorities in its own country and shall bear itself the costs of such registration unless such costs are included in the Budget.

G. Receipts jj. The Co-producers acknowledge that any and all benefits received from the Relevant Authorities in respect of the Film shall be the sole property of the Co-producer to which such benefit is paid.

kk. All receipts from the exploitation of the Film shall be applied on the basis set out in the Financial Arrangements.

H. Credits

The Co-producers agree that there will be accorded in the Film and all paid advertising or publicity issued or paid for by all or any of them in connection with the Film credits. In particular the credits shall mention the nationality of each party hereto and the [ ] version must include the credit:

An [ ]-Anglo Co-production and the English version of the Film must include the credit:

An Anglo-[ ] Co-production and the international version must include the credit: An [ ]-Anglo Co-production

The Co-producers expressly acknowledge the right of any distributor, sub-distributor or assignee of the Film rights hereunder to appear in the credits of the Film.

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