Incorporation of the LLP

Much like limited companies, LLPs are incorporated by registration at Companies House and the incorporation document (Form LLP2) must be submitted by the initial members of the LLP. The Form LLP2 will set out the name of the LLP, the registered office address, details of the initial members and will identify which of those members are to be the designated members, together with a statement that the LLP complies with the LLP Act.

On incorporation, the Registrar of Companies will issue the LLP with a Certificate of Incorporation, stating the registered number of the LLP together with its date of incorporation, and the Registrar will also issue to each of the designated members a unique designated member number.

The name of the LLP, as is the case for limited companies and business names, will only be registered if it does not contravene one of the many restrictions in relation to the use of certain words. In addition, it will not be possible to register an LLP with the same name as that of an existing limited company.

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