From: [Film Partnership as Borrower and Chargor]

To: [Party to contract]

Dear Sirs

This Notice is given pursuant to the agreement (the 'Agreement') made between us and you dated [ ] relating to the Film.

We hereby give you notice that under a deed of charge and assignment dated [ ] we have assigned our right to receive advances or other sums payable by you to us pursuant to the Agreement (the 'Payments') to the bank ('Bank') by way of security, and we hereby give you irrevocable authority and instructions to make the Payments to the Bank in accordance with the instruction set out below. This notice hereby replaces and takes priority over any previous payment instructions given to you whether pursuant to the Agreement or otherwise.

The Payments are to be sent by telegraphic transfer to: Bank: [ ]

We also hereby notify you that we have no authority, without the prior written consent of the Bank, to waive any provisions of or rights under the Agreement or to modify or amend the Agreement or to enter into any other agreement with you which may in any way affect the Bank's security.

This authority and instruction is coupled with an interest and may not be revoked or altered without the prior written consent of the Bank.

Please sign and return to the Bank (with a copy to us) the attached Acknowledgement of Assignment to indicate your receipt of these instructions and your agreement to the terms set out herein.

By its counter-signature below, you give your consent to the foregoing.

For and on behalf of

For and on behalf of

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