Legal Advice

7.1 FCAM may at any time and in its absolute discretion (but after having consulted with each of the Parties) seek independent legal advice with regard to any non-payment of Gross Receipts by any Sub-Distributor or to any other matter relating to or affecting the performance of FCAM's duties or powers set out in this Agreement and each Party hereby undertakes to assist FCAM to obtain as fully informed and accurate legal advice as possible by:

7.1.1 providing FCAM with copies of any relevant document in the possession of that Party;

7.1.2 taking all reasonable steps to procure that copies of any relevant documents that have been but are no longer in that Party's possession are provided to FCAM; and

7.1.3 informing FCAM of any relevant information in the knowledge of that Party or (if appropriate) in the knowledge of its officers, servants and/or agents.

7.2 FCAM shall provide to each of the Parties a copy of any legal advice so obtained.

7.3 The Parties jointly and severally indemnify FCAM against all costs, charges and expenses connected with or arising



out of obtaining any such legal advice and such costs, charges and expenses shall be deemed to be FCAM's Expenses for which FCAM is entitled to be reimbursed in accordance with Schedule 5. If at any time FCAM shall determine that the amount of Collected Gross Receipts then standing credited to the Collection Account is not sufficient to discharge such costs, charges and expenses as are to be or have been incurred by FCAM the Parties (excepting FCAM) shall forthwith pay to FCAM the amount of any such shortfall or the estimated amount thereof and shall be jointly and severally responsible therefore.

7.4 Any sums paid by the Parties to FCAM pursuant to Clause 3 shall (notwithstanding the provisions of Schedule 5) be repaid to the Parties in first position out of Collected Gross Receipts.

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