Producer Residuals

[ ] and any additional or replacement agent duly appointed by the Producer;

that part of the Collected Gross

Receipts payable to a Beneficiary pursuant to the terms of this


all expenses incurred by FCAM as provided for in this Agreement; the sum of [ ] ( ) to be paid from the first Collected Gross Receipts together with [ ] % of all Gross Receipts; the [feature film/television programme] a brief specification of which is set out in Schedule 3; all monies or any other proceeds derived from Sub-Distribution Agreements or from any other source of exploitation relating to the Film or the Rights received by any Party directly or indirectly; the persons, firms or entities specified in Schedule 6; as specified in Schedule 5; means any of the Parties or the Beneficiaries or any other individual, corporate entity or partnership; [ ];

any sums of money payable to any person, firm or entity providing services, facilities and/or rights for the purposes of the production of the Film (other than monies included in the budgeted cost of the Film or which are payable by any of the Parties) which become payable pursuant to any union or guild agreement relating to the production of the Film by

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