Schedule A Form of LC Demand Certificate

Dear Sirs a. L/C Demand

Irrevocable Letter of Credit No [ ] Dated [ ] 200 [ ] issued by [ ] In favour of [ ]

We refer to the above Letter of Credit (the 'Letter of Credit'). Terms defined in the Letter of Credit have the same meanings when used in this L/C Demand certificate.

The Distributor has failed to pay £[ ] ([ ] pounds sterling) in respect of the Payment due on the Payment Date which fell on [insert date]. Accordingly, we hereby demand payment of this amount of £[ ] ([ ] pounds sterling) and, in addition, of interest on this the amount as described in paragraph 2.2(B) of the Letter of Credit. In each case, this payment is demanded in accordance with, and is due under, Clause 2 of the Letter of Credit.

Yours faithfully (Authorized Signatory)

For and on behalf of

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