9.1 FCAM and FCustody may at any time terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) Business Days by written notice to all of the Parties provided that FCAM's and FCustody's notice shall specify the arrangements proposed to be made by FCAM and FCustody to pay Entitlements which, apart from such termination, would then have been payable to Beneficiaries under the provisions hereof and FCAM and FCustody shall give good faith consideration to any representations made to FCAM and FCustody concerning such proposed arrangements as any Beneficiary may provide to FCAM and FCustody within fourteen (14) Business Days thereafter.

9.2 All the Parties and Beneficiaries shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by unanimous written notice to FCAM and FCustody at any time subject to FCAM's right to FCAM's Remuneration and FCAM Expenses unpaid at that date.

9.3 This Agreement may be terminated by the Parties without notice if FCAM either commits a material breach of the terms of this Agreement which is not remedied within twenty one (21) Business Days of written notice given by a majority of the Parties, of which the Producer must be one, or if FCAM shall enter into liquidation (except for the purpose of a scheme for amalgamation or reconstruction) or if any winding-up petition is issued against FCAM and remains undischarged for a period of twenty eight (28) Business Days.

9.4 Upon termination pursuant to this Clause 9, the Parties shall within twenty one (21) Business Days instruct FCAM and FCustody in writing to transfer the administration of Collected Gross Receipts less FCAM Remuneration and FCAM Expenses up to and including the termination date to a successor collection account manager.

9.5 As from the date of termination pursuant to this paragraph, FCAM and FCustody shall have no further obligation to perform its obligations hereunder and shall be fully released and discharged therefrom, without prejudice to any accrued rights and obligations in respect of the period prior to such termination.

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