Day in the Country France

Director: Jean Renoir

Production: Pantheon-Production; black and white, 35mm; running time: 45 minutes; length: 1100 meters, originally 1232 meters. Released 8 May 1946, Paris. Filmed July-August 1936 near Montigny and Marlotte.

Producer: Pierre Braunberger; executive producer: Jacques B. Brunius, with Roger Woog; screenplay: Jean Renoir, from the story by Guy Maupassant; photography: Claude Renior; editor: Marguerite Houle-Renoir, final version: Marienette Cadix under Marguerite Houle-Renoir's supervision, assisted by Marcel Cravenne; sound: Courme de Bretagne and Joseph de Bretagne; production designer: Robert Gys; music: Joseph Kosma and Germaine Montero; assistant to the director: Jacques Becker and Henri Cartier-Bresson, other contributors to this film include: Claude Heymann, Luchino Visconti, and Yves Allegret.

Cast: Sylvia Bataille (Henriette); Georges Darnoux (Henri); Jeanne Marken (Madame Dufour); Jacques Borel (Rodolphe); Paul Temps (Anatole); Gabrielle Fontan (Grandmother); Jean Renoir (Father Poulain); Marguerite Renoir (The servant); Gabriello (M. Cyprien Dufour); Pierre Lestringuez (Oldpriest).

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