Day of Wrath Denmark Director Carl Theodor Dreyer

Production: Palladium Copenhagen-Tage Nielson; black and white, 35mm; running time: 92 minutes, some sources state 98 minutes; length: about 2675 meters, some sources state 2790 meters. Released 13 November 1943, Copenhagen.

Screenplay: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Mogens Skot-Hansen, and Poul Knudsen, from the play Anne Pedersdotter by Hans Wiers-Jenssen; photography: Karl Andersson; editors: Edith Schl├╝ssel and Anne Marie Petersen; sound: Erik Rasmussen; art director: Erik Aaes; music: Poul Schierbeck; costume designers: K. Sandt Jensen and Olga Thomsen, from designs by Lis Fribert; historical consultant: Kaj Uldall.

Cast: Thorkild Roose (Absalon); Lisbeth Movin (Anne, his wife); Sigrid Neiiendam (Merete, his mother); Preben Lerdorff Rye (Martin, his son); Anne Svierkier (Herlof's Marte); Olaf Ussing (Laurentius); Albert H0eber (The Bishop).

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