France Director Max Ophuls

Production: Saint-Maurice; black and white, 35mm; running time: 97 minutes; length: 2,600 meters. Released 17 June 1950, Paris. Filmed 23 January 1950-18 March 1950 in Saint-Maurice studios.

Producer: Sacha Gordine; screenplay: Jacques Natanson and Max Ophuls, from the play Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler; photography:

La Ronde

Christian Matras; editor: Leonide Azar; sound operator: Pierre Calvet; production designer: Jean d'Eaubonne; music: Oscar Straus; costume designer: Georges Annenkov.

Cast: Anton Walbrook (Master of Ceremonies); Simone Signoret (Leocardie, the prostitute); Serge Reggiani (Franz, the soldier); Simone Simon (Marie, the chambermaid); Jean Clarieux (Sergeant); Daniel Gelin (Alfred, the young man); Robert Vattier (Professor Schuller); Danielle Darrieaux (Emma Breitkopf); Fernand Gravey (Charles); Odette Joyeux (Working girl); Marcel Merovee (Toni); Jean-Louis Barrault (Robert Kühlenkampf); Isa Miranda (Charlotte, the comedienne); Charles Vissiere (Theatre manager); Gerard Philipe (Count); Jean Ozenne, Jean Landier, Rene Marjac, and Jacques Vertan (Silhouettes).

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