Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Production: Carl Th. Dreyer Filmproduktion Paris-Berlin; black and white, 35mm; running time: originally S3 minutes, currently 70 minutes, also some copies exist at 65 minutes 11 seconds; length: 2271 meters originally. Released 6 May 1932 in Berlin, also released in French and English versions. Filmed Summer 1930 in Senlis, Montargis, and surrounding areas.

Producer: Baron Nicolas de Gunzberg; screenplay: Carl Theodor Dreyer in collaboration with Christen Jul, from the novel In a Glass Darkly by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu; photography: Rudolph Maté and Louis Née; sound: Dr. Hans Bittmann, synchronized by Paul Falkenberg; art director: Hermann Warm; music: Wolfgang Zeller; dialogue director: Paul Falkenberg.

Cast: Julian West, or Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg (David Gray); Henriette Gérard (Marguerite Chopin); Jan Hieronimko (Doctor); Maurice Schutz (Lord of the Manor); Rena Mandel (His daughter Gisèle); Sibylle Schmitz (His daughter Léone); Albert Bras (Servant); N. Babanini (The girl); Jane Mora (The religious woman).

Vampyr, Ou L'Etrange Aventure de David Gray
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