Paths Of Glory

USA, 1957

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Production: Harris-Kubrick Pictures Corporatoin. A Bryna Productions presentation, for United Artists; black and white; running time: 87 minutes; length: 7,783 feet. Released November 1957.

Producer: James B. Harris; screenplay: Stanley Kubrick, Calder Willingham, and Jim Thompson, based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb; photography: George Krause; editor: Eva Kroll; sound: Martin Muller; art director: Ludwig Reiber; music: Gerald Fried; military adviser: Baron Von Waldenfels.

Cast: Kirk Douglas (Colonel Dax); Ralph Meeker (Cpl. Paris); Adolphe Menjou (General Broulard); George Macready (General Mireau); Wayne Morris (Lt. Roget); Richard Anderson (Major Saint-Auban); Joseph Turkel (Private Arnaud); Timothy Carey (Private Ferol); Peter Capell (Colonel Judge); Susanne Christian (German Girl); Bert Freed (Sgt. Boulanger); Emile Meyer (Priest); John Stein (Captain Rosseau); Harold Benedict (Captain Nichols).

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