Sweet Sweetbacks Baadasssss Song

USA, 1971

Director: Melvin Van Peebles

Production: Yeah; color, 35mm; running time: 97 minutes. Released January 1971, USA. Cost: $500,000. Distributed by Image Entertainment (laserdisc), Xenon Entertainment Group, Direct Cinema Limited (video), and Cinemation Industries.

Producers: Jerry Gross, Melvin Van Peebles; screenplay: Melvin Van Peebles; cinematography: Bob Maxwell; assistant director: Clyde Houston; editor: Melvin Van Peebles; sound editors: John Newman, Luke Wolfram; musical score: Melvin Van Peebles; production manager: Clyde Houston; original music: Earth Wind and Fire; special effects: Cliff Wenger; makeup supervisor: Nora Maxwell.

Cast: Melvin Van Peebles (Sweetback); Simon Chuckster (Beetle); Hubert Scales (Moo Moo); John Dullaghan (Commissioner); Rhetta Hughes (Old Girl Friend); Mario Van Peebles (Young Sweetback); West Gale; Niva Rochelle; Nick Ferrari; Ed Rue; Johnny Amos; Lavelle Roby; Ted Hayden; Sonja Dunson; Michael Agustus; Peter Russell; Norman Fields; Ron Prince; Steve Cole; Megan Van Peebles; Joe Tornatore; Mike Angel; Jeff Goodman; Curt Matson; Marria Evonee; Jon Jacobs; Bill Kirschner; Vincent Barbi; Chet Norris; Joni Watkins; Jerry Days; John Allen; Bruce Adams; Brer Soul.

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